Every marketer in 2023 should be aware of these 10 YouTube statistics (INFOGRAPHIC).

Every marketer in 2023 should be aware of these 10 YouTube statistics (INFOGRAPHIC).

Every marketer in 2023 should be aware of these 10 YouTube statistics (INFOGRAPHIC).

10 YouTube statistics 2023: Without a doubt, YouTube is the most widely used video platform out there.

One of the main reasons YouTube’s popularity has skyrocketed over the years is its simplicity. It’s incredibly simple for video producers to get a large audience on YouTube. There is a variety of content available as a result. YouTube therefore offers everything, including infinite beauty tips, product reviews, gaming channels, and hours of unboxing videos. You’re sure to find at least a few YouTube channels that interest you among the millions available. Let’s simply say that everyone can find something on YouTube.

On April 23, 2005, the first video was explicitly named “me at the zoo” and featured one of the website’s founders visiting the zoo. Since then, YouTube has advanced significantly. In a decade, it went from having no viewers to having 1 billion—quite a voyage. However, it’s not all fun and games. YouTube has additional features. In 2023, you can expand your e-commerce firm with the aid of this fantastic platform.

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Here are the top 10 YouTube statistics you should be aware of in 2023 if you want to keep one step ahead of the pack.

Active YouTube Users each month

As of 2023, 2.5 billion people used the video-sharing website YouTube globally, according to the most recent figures (DataReportal, 2023). It is the second-most popular social network, and Facebook is the only website with more users than YouTube. Additionally, it is only one of four social networks—the others being WhatsApp and Instagram—to have more than 2 billion users.

The number of YouTube users in 2023 will be quite valuable to advertisers. With billions of users watching videos on YouTube, it’s obvious that there is a sizable and active market here that companies should be taking advantage of. Given that YouTube videos can also be accessed without Google accounts, such as through WhatsApp’s autoplay feature, YouTube’s audience may be larger. YouTube will undoubtedly show to be a terrific tool for your digital marketing efforts because of its even greater reach.

The Most Popular Social Media Platform is YouTube.

Graph showing YouTube data

This statistic will definitely get your attention if the first YouTube fact we provided didn’t. According to Marketing Charts’ analysis of US adults, 82% of them utilize YouTube.

Three former Paypal employees founded YouTube in 2005, and it has expanded rapidly since then. For US$1.65 billion, Google purchased YouTube in 2006, and it is now a subsidiary of Google.

Since its inception, YouTube has aimed to give viewers quick and simple access to videos as well as the option to share them regularly. It has since expanded beyond all predictions.

It’s no secret that YouTube is a rapidly expanding social media site, but a variety of factors have helped make it what it is today. Because it is so widely available, YouTube is able to maintain its hegemonic position in the sector. It’s quite simple to get started on YouTube and share your material with a big audience. Millions of video producers from all over the world have been drawn to YouTube because of how easy it is to get started.

After Google, YouTube is the most widely used search engine.

Google Analytics for YouTube

Following Google, YouTube is the most used search engine. It receives more monthly searches than Microsoft Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and Ask.com put together.

As was already established, approximately one-third of all internet users, or more than two billion, log on each month. That’s not all, though. Every single day, YouTube users watch over 1 billion hours of video on the site, which results in countless trillions of views (YouTube, 2021).

The platform has a large audience reach thanks to its popularity, and this is especially true on mobile devices. According to the company, it currently reaches more US mobile customers than any other television network.

One of the YouTube app’s most compelling features is that it is mobile-friendly, which you should definitely take advantage of while running YouTube advertisements.

Statistics for YouTube: Localization

YouTube statistics chart

How does YouTube manage to attract billions of views every single day and become so widely used?

We must examine its figures in further detail in order to comprehend that. In more than 100 countries, YouTube is not only accessible but also localized (YouTube, 2021). This indicates that the platform adjusts to the various languages spoken in the various markets it serves.

Users find it more appealing and enticing as a result, which boosts usage and engagement. Additionally, it is available in 80 different languages. This includes both widely used languages like English, Spanish, and Mandarin as well as less common ones like Laotian, Khmer, and Azerbaijani.

The vast majority of YouTube videos aren’t even in English. Two-thirds (67%) of the videos uploaded by well-known YouTube channels are in other languages, according to a poll. Only 28% of the remaining content is in English, while the final 5% are in English and other languages.

The same study discovered that although while there were much less English-language videos than there were videos in other languages, English-language videos typically get about four times as many views.

Everyday, people enjoy watching videos on YouTube.

Google Analytics for YouTube

On YouTube, 1 billion hours of video are watched each day, resulting in trillions of views (YouTube, 2019). Let’s calculate. The average person would watch a video for 8.4 minutes each day if everyone on the planet did so. That astounding figure only strengthens the case for using video as a source of information for people. Another intriguing statistic is the growth of 70% in “how to” searches on a yearly basis. This indicates that a lot of users turn to video content when looking for ways to learn something.

The power of video should be utilized by marketers, and their content should be tailored to the increasing popularity of video content. You can start producing video content on YouTube in a plethora of ways. Maybe you might start a YouTube channel where you can connect with your viewers, provide updates with them, and address any questions or issues they may have. Or suppose you run an online shop and want to share YouTube product videos with your customers. To let your audience know where they can find you on YouTube, you may even post a link to your YouTube profile on your online store. Knowing the optimal time to post on YouTube can also help you ensure that your audience is engaged and more inclined to watch your material when you regularly upload videos there.

YouTube’s Value for Businesses

statistics from YouTube 6

More and more companies are utilizing video as the value of video content becomes clearer. According to statistics, 62% of businesses post videos on YouTube (Buffer, 2019). It ranks as the second most popular platform for companies to distribute their video content, with Facebook taking the top spot.

Although YouTube has become very popular as a site for watching personal videos, it has also proven to be a useful resource for businesses. Recently, a growing number of companies have started using YouTube as a conduit for outreach to both current and new clients. It comes as no surprise that firms are using YouTube to increase their marketing efforts given its enormous reach.

Through the usage of YouTube, sharing has become simple and reciprocal. Businesses can use YouTube as a platform to engage with their market and get feedback from them in addition to using it to easily publish news with their audience or increase brand visibility. Engaging the audience via the YouTube comments is one way to achieve this.

Additionally, YouTube allows businesses to alter the appearance of their channels. Businesses should upgrade their YouTube channel to reflect their corporate identity in order to stand out from the competition and fully capitalize on this opportunity. Although creating a YouTube channel might be quite simple, maintaining it and publishing frequently to grow your subscriber base and keep your audience interested is difficult.

There is a lot that businesses may gain from YouTube given its many advantages and potential. Only 9% of all US small firms use YouTube, nevertheless (Brandwatch, 2020). For small businesses, creating films could seem time-consuming and expensive, but there are many free stock video websites and video editing programs available. Additionally, modern smartphones have cameras that can capture films of a high enough caliber that they can replace the requirement for professional equipment.

Users of YouTube Prefer Mobile over Desktop

Statistics for YouTube 7

Everywhere, mobile comes first. More than ever, we are use our mobile devices. This makes the following YouTube statistic not particularly shocking. Mobile devices account for 63% of YouTube watch time (Statista, 2021).

You and your company simply cannot afford to overlook the enormous potential that mobile provides to increase awareness of your brand. It’s clear that mobile views have grown considerably more quickly than desktop consumption, thus it’s critical to keep up with mobile video trends to ensure that your audience is shown the material they want to see.

Although YouTube content is now mobile-friendly by default, it’s still critical to understand how you can give your audience a better mobile experience. The statistics and data for mobile viewers on YouTube are important for content providers to monitor. The creative studio on YouTube itself or outside analytics providers can be used for this. You may adjust your material to make sure that your videos draw the audience that your brand wants by keeping an eye on the data.

New Products Are Found on YouTube

Statistics from YouTube 8

A potent marketing tool is video. It should not be surprising that consumers are learning about new businesses and goods via YouTube, which now holds the title of top video marketing platform in the world.

According to a recent survey, 26% of respondents claim to find new companies or items through YouTube advertisements (HubSpot, 2022). The information offered in these videos is of utmost value because consumers rely on it at every stage of their trip.

Your goods may receive more attention on YouTube. You can create a film showcasing the advantages of a product if you’re seeking to break into a new market or get more people to see it. The essential to keep in mind is originality as the market for video content becomes more and more competitive. Your chances of hooking your audience on your style and making them want more content increase as your content becomes more original.

Make sure your material inspires viewers to act while producing YouTube videos. To achieve this, establish your brand as an authority in your industry or specific specialty, interact with your audience by addressing their questions and concerns, and spread the values and principles of your company.

Every minute, 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube.

Google Analytics for YouTube 9

Every minute, 500 hours of video are added to YouTube from all across the world (Tubefilter, 2019). Every hour, 30,000 hours of video are uploaded. Additionally, YouTube receives 720,000 hours of video daily. To put this into perspective, watching every video that is uploaded to YouTube in just one hour would take you close to 82 years. That much YouTube watching would take a lifetime.

Despite the astonishing nature of these figures, YouTube watch time dwarfs them all. Given how much fresh content is published to YouTube every minute, it’s no surprise that the channel is expanding. Because of this, companies cannot afford to ignore YouTube. Building a community on YouTube and engaging with customers by showcasing their products or running advertisements there can help businesses.

Channel Watched Most Frequently by US Digital Video Viewers

Graphic for YouTube statistics

The most popular outlets for people to access digital video content in the US are social media websites, which surpass the largest news websites in the nation.

Nine out of ten US users of digital video use the platform YouTube to watch digital video material, making it the clear leader among them (eMarketer, 2019).

That puts YouTube far ahead of Facebook, its closest rival, which is only used by 60% of US users of digital video. Instagram comes in second with 35%, followed by Twitter and Snapchat with 21% and 18%, respectively.

According to experts, Millennials and Generation Z are particularly fond of these social networks and spend a lot of time there watching digital movies and sharing them, which aids in the spread of corporate messages.

Comparatively, only 17% of US consumers of digital content watch CNN, the most popular news channel for online video consumption.


The future of entertainment is on YouTube, and it has been for a while. To avoid overlooking them when developing your marketing strategy, you and your company should be aware of these crucial YouTube statistics. These 10 YouTube statistics for 2023 should assist you clarify why your company should invest in YouTube and how to make the most effective use of your resources.

YouTube statistics in full

Overview of YouTube statistics

The key YouTube statistics for 2023 are summarized below:

Globally, 2.5 billion people utilize YouTube.

Adult US users of YouTube number 82%.

Every day, YouTube users create billions of views and watch over a billion hours of video on the site.

YouTube is available in 80 different languages and is localized in more than 100 different countries.

One billion hours of video are watched on YouTube every day.

62% of companies broadcast videos on YouTube as a channel.

YouTube is viewed on mobile devices 63% of the time.

According to 26% of consumers, they find things through YouTube adverts.

Every minute, 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube from all across the world.

YouTube is the most popular platform for watching digital videos, with 90% of US viewers.

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