12 MOBILE MARKETING APPS: Why not use the time you would normally spend waiting or traveling to expand your business?

Apps for mobile marketing are useful.

These tools can help you run your business better when you’re on the go. While you wait in line for your coffee, you may share, connect, optimize, and engage your audience.

You’ll discover 40 amazing marketing applications in this article that can help you tap and swipe your way to success.

Best mobile applications for company marketing

Buffer 1.

Using the social media scheduling service Buffer, you can plan posts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

By utilizing the Buffer browser extension, you may use this marketing program to add web material to your social media posting schedule.

With Buffer’s free plan, users can schedule up to 10 posts at once for each of up to three social media accounts. Plans that start at $15 a month are available to manage more social media accounts or to schedule more posts.

Available on Android and iOS

Hootsuite 2.

Hootsuite is a social media management application that enables you to manage and monitor your social media accounts as well as schedule updates. Additionally, this marketing tool connects to accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Users of Hootsuite’s free plan can schedule up to 30 posts at once and manage up to three social media accounts.

Payment plans that start at $25 a month let you manage more accounts, schedule more articles, and add team members.

Available on Android and iOS

Planoly 3.

Planoly Marketing Apps

Instagram has a visual planner called Planoly.

You may see your individual posts in a grid format before you publish them using this Instagram marketing software. For every one of your postings, metrics and engagement rates are also provided.

Overall, it assists you in developing a stronger visual style for your brand and a more unified Instagram feed.

You can link one Instagram account and upload up to 30 posts per month with Planoly’s free subscription. The free plan, however, is only available for photographs.

Payment plans begin at $7 per month for extra posts, videos, and accounts.

available on Android and iOS

Post to Instagram again

For Instagram, repost

You can simply repost stuff from other accounts on Instagram with Repost for Instagram. Additionally, you may repost material to your feed or Instagram Stories by using this marketing app.

All of your posts have a little watermark in the free version, but you can get rid of it for $4.99 once.

accessible via Android

Grammarly Keyboard, No. 5

Marketing Grammarly Apps

It’s like having a personal editor in your pocket when you use Grammarly Keyboard. It assists you in avoiding embarrassing errors in your emails and updates on social media.

The software gives you access to a unique keyboard that checks your work for spelling and grammar mistakes.

Additionally, you may use this marketing software inside any other app on your smartphone for free.

available on Android and iOS


IFTTT marketing apps

IFTTT has a collection of “applets.” What is an applet, exactly?

An applet is a compact utility program or application created to carry out one or a few basic tasks.

These applets enable new types of interaction between your programs and gadgets. With IFTTT, you may enhance your marketing plan in countless different ways.

There are numerous IFTTT applets for Instagram marketing, for instance. One of these enables users to automatically post photographs from Instagram rather than links to Twitter. Another enables users to sync Instagram posts to an album on Facebook or Pinterest.

The possibilities are limitless.

available on Android and iOS

Meta Business Suite, No. 7

Meta is the top mobile marketing application.

If you use a Facebook business page to advertise your business, Meta Business Suite is a crucial marketing tool.

Compared to using the standard Facebook app or a mobile browser, it makes updating and managing your Facebook page more simpler.

available on Android and iOS

YouTube Studio 8.

Apps for marketing YouTube Studio

Marketers can manage their brand accounts from anywhere using the YouTube Studio app.

You can manage playlists, change video information, check your YouTube metrics, and more.

available on Android and iOS

Meta Ads Manager 9.

manager of meta ads

If you’re managing Facebook or Instagram advertising campaigns, Meta Ads Manager is a vital marketing tool.

Manage your advertising while measuring your performance to stay on top of your campaigns.

available on Android and iOS

Google Analytics 10.

Promotional Apps Internet Analytics

Using the Google Analytics app, you can monitor your stats while on the go.

To monitor your marketing campaigns and website traffic, use this marketing app, which presents your analytics in plain, understandable graphs.

available on Android and iOS

Acrobat Reader by Adobe

Apps for marketing Adobe Acrobat Reader

You can create, view, and edit PDF files using Adobe Acrobat Reader on a smartphone or tablet.

This useful tool also enables you to print documents from your mobile device, export files to Word or Excel, and open files from any application with public access.

available on Android and iOS

Shopify app 12.

Mobile marketing app by Shopify

You can manage your ecommerce business anywhere you are using the Shopify mobile app.

You can process orders, change your product listings, monitor stock levels, and communicate with customers with this marketing software.

Additionally, it interfaces with cutting-edge solutions like CRM software, allowing you to sync vital data and customize marketing campaigns from a single location.

available on Android and iOS

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