These 21 Data Collection Apps Will Pay You for Your Data

These 21 Data Collection Apps Will Pay You for Your Data

The finest data gathering tools can help you start earning money for your data

21 Data Collection Apps I advise you to download and use data gathering apps if you want to earn a little extra money on the side. Even though you won’t become a millionaire with these applications, the money you generate can go toward savings and help you get closer to your financial objectives.

This sounds intriguing because it gives you the opportunity to increase your income. Actually, using these apps can increase your savings and provide you with a tiny stream of passive income.

You might be curious about the data collection apps, though. As a result, I will first describe what data collecting apps are before listing the top 21 apps that pay you for your data.

earn money for your data

Apps for Data Collection: An Overview

In general, there are two categories of data collection apps. As the name implies, they gather data from many sources and use it for marketing, consumer knowledge, or even surveillance of an individual.

Apps for collecting business data

There are several apps available for gathering company data. These are not pay-to-play. Instead, teams of salespeople and other employees use them for a business. Through these apps, employees enter many crucial aspects of their work and share them with their superiors and coworkers. They can also exchange technical information and similar items. In general, these apps are helpful for leading a remote workforce.

Apps for Paying to Collect Data

We’re talking about paid data collecting applications here. Your personal information will be collected by these apps and used for a variety of things. Your personal information may potentially be sold to other businesses by their owners. You can be targeted using this information for marketing and sales initiatives. You will receive emails and advertisements for particular products using your data. In addition, they compile information on your purchasing and saving patterns, cuisine preferences, frequency of travel, and other things.

An Important Note

Here’s something you should know before rushing to download any data collection apps that pay. While these apps typically gather harmless data, there are no guarantees as to where your personal information may end up. Some apps alert you to the possibility of your data being sold to marketing firms.

Avoid using such data collection apps if you don’t want spam in your emails or to be targeted by businesses for purchasing their goods and services. The US has tight regulations around the gathering of personal data. That implies that no one may collect it without your consent. You would be giving the app developers permission to gather this data if you used these apps.

Use these applications only if you’re okay with the idea that someone else is aware of the stores you frequent, the brands you choose to buy, the size of your household, your spending patterns, and other such information. Data collection businesses may occasionally additionally gather certain fundamental information about your credit card and debit card.

I want to underline that because of the stringent privacy regulations in the USA, all the data that they acquire is typically innocuous. However, if you value your privacy, avoid using such programs.

The Top 21 Data Collection Apps to Earn Money for Your Information

Before downloading any app, I strongly advise reading the data protection policies of these app developers because your privacy is really important. Also, learn the repercussions of providing your personal information to these apps.

Here is my list of the top 21 apps that pay you to collect data, if you’re interested

Number One Nielsen Computer Panel

Get paid by Nielsen Computer Panel for your information
Your name, age, location, email address, and other personal information are gathered by the Nielsen Computer Panel. It makes the data available to marketing firms. While this software collects your personal data, you may also take paid internet surveys to earn money.

As a welcome bonus, you can get paid here

Download the App 2. Get rewarded for your data with Honeygain Honeygain

Earn money by sharing your Internet using Honeygain. Depending on how much Internet access you offer through Honeygain, you could make up to $50 each month. They gather information on your Internet usage and the websites you regularly visit.

Download the app to start earning Sweatcoins for your data

According to a statement from Sweatcoin, payments will soon be made to app users using the company’s upcoming, late 2022-launched, namesake cryptocurrency. This app gathers your private information, including your walking patterns and fitness levels. Once they launch the cryptocurrency, these Sweatcoins can be converted into cash.

Swagbucks Swagbucks pays you for your data, download the app

The best online market research firm in the US is Swagbucks. To create a Swagbucks account, you need an email ID. To get the money, you will also need to give further information. Swagbucks uses your information and the answers you provide to paid online survey questions for marketing purposes. You can convert the points you get for providing such information for money or gift cards.

Install the Dosh Dosh app to get paid for your data

On every eligible purchases you make with your credit card, the Dosh app offers cashback. You must connect your credit card to the app in order to earn this money. Dosh keeps track of every purchase you make with your credit card and works to get you a cashback. Your credit card is charged immediately with the money, which saves you money on expenses.

Pay MobileXpression for your data usage

With the MobileXpression app, not much is truly required of you. Once downloaded, the software will merely keep track of all your internet actions, including the websites you visit and any online purchases you make. Even when you browse the internet or engage in other activities, MobileXpression is earning you money for all of these tasks.

Permission Research Download the App

Get compensated for your data with permission research
You may easily earn money by carrying out your regular web operations on your smartphone using Permission Research. This program gathers information about your web surfing and purchasing behaviors. Based on your location and other interests, it sells your information to marketing firms so they may specifically target you with their goods and services.
Download the app, version 8.
Get compensated for your data, paribus
Capital One buying now includes Paribus, which gathers information about your buying preferences, including the websites you frequent. They offer to match prices. This means that Paribus will negotiate with the company to give you a refund of the higher price if you purchase something and the price reduces within 48 hours. After 48 hours, this money is sent to your bank account or Paribus account and is accessible for use.

Download Killi Data’s app

Get paid for your data with Killi Data
Through the Killi app, you may make up to $10 each week by selling your data to different businesses. Companies who conduct market research and produce new products receive this data. They find it beneficial to target you with advertisements and promotions for their goods and services. You make more money when you complete paid internet surveys.

Install the App 10. Download the Pei Pei app to get paid for your data

Download Get Pie if you’re seeking for discounts and cashbacks on purchasing for groceries and other items. This app keeps tabs on your debit and credit card usage. The software offers cheaper purchasing options and promotes cost savings. Get Pie lets you buy at your preferred physical or online retailers and get rewards.

Install the 11. InboxDollars app

Your data is paid for by InboxDollars.
InboxDollars is an app that actually compensates you for playing online video games and completing online surveys. They get information on you from sources including surveys you complete and registration forms. Additionally, it keeps track of a few other things, like your buying preferences. By recommending people to download and utilize InboxDollars, you can also earn some money.

Install the 12. DataCoup app

Get compensated for your data with DataCoup
DataCoup will help you make up to $10 per month if you enjoy utilizing social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and others. After downloading the app, you must give it permission to access your social media accounts and other apps on your phone. Your social media activity is tracked, and it delivers the information to pertinent businesses.

Download ScreenLift, an app

Get compensated by ScreenLift for your data
By employing ScreenLift, you can obtain money for virtually no effort. This app shows advertisements on your phone’s screen. Additionally, you have to lift the phone’s screen whenever you use it. Every time you use the phone and lift the screen, you are paid. This program keeps track of your mobile phone usage and other actions and stores the data. But it only functions if you raise the screen roughly 24 times throughout the day. You receive no money at all if you go above this cap.

Universal Basic Data Income Download the App

If you don’t care too much about privacy, Universal Basic Data Income (UBDI) is a terrific method to earn money by sharing your data. This program keeps tabs on all of your smartphone actions, including calls, internet purchases, emails, YouTube viewing, and social media usage, among other things. For marketing purposes, this information is provided to clients and market research firms.

Install the App 15. AppOptix

Your data is paid for by AppOptix.
Anyone who isn’t overly concerned with their privacy online can benefit from using AppOptix. AppOptix basically tracks your travel habits both within and outside of your area. They keep track of your consumption, call drop rates, mobile Internet access speeds, and other information. They also monitor the signal strengths of mobile networks. Every year, you can obtain a free Amazon shopping coupon. This voucher only has a $50 yearly value.

Install the App 16. Performance Meter for Mobile

Earn money using Mobile Performance Meter for your data.
Mobile Performance Meter keeps track of all your phone consumption, including charging, calls, SMS, social media use, online shopping, and other activities. You are rewarded with gift cards for free pizza and retail therapy. Alternately, you can ask for a payout in cash.

Install the 17. Money SMS app

Get paid for your data using money SMS.
Money SMS is a tool used by marketers and advertisers to deliver you information about their goods and services. For each SMS that you get and read, you can earn up to $0.10. Since such businesses typically don’t send out many SMS, there isn’t much money to be made. In some regions of the USA, you can make a respectable $100 over the course of a year.

Download McMoney, version 18

Money makes money off of your data.
McMoney is a wonderful program that rewards you up to $0.60 per day for receiving SMS messages. After installing this software, nothing further has to be done. You’ll start receiving SMS messages from McMoney’s partner firms. And for each SMS that you open and read, you receive between $0.05 and $0.10. You may receive up to 10 SMS messages every day on average.

Install the 19. OnMyWay app

Get compensated for your data with OnMyWay.
For walking, running, jogging, and even driving, OnMyWay gives you points. They also have a fundraising option that enables you to raise money for any charity through your actions. The program gives you the choice of collecting the reward, such as shopping vouchers, or donating the points to one of the charities OnMyWay lists.

Install the Mobilio app

Your data is paid for by Mobilio.
Are you a careful motorist? Install Mobilio on your smartphone after that. By driving safely and without any incidents, this app rewards you. You only need to register by entering all of your information on the app and drive with your phone in hand. However, use caution because in some locations, using a mobile phone while driving might result in a loss of points.

Install the App 21. positioned panel

Paid Panel receives payment for your data
Install this app, then use your phone as usual to carry out your tasks. All actions you take with your phone are recorded by Placed Panel, which is running in the background. All of the information it gathers is paid for. Some users assert that they have earned up to $500 year. Others claim that this app makes about $80 a year in revenue. Before using the app, review the terms and conditions.

Install the App Location Preferences and Apps

The location settings on your phone must often be turned on in order to use any of these apps. They can follow your movements at any moment thanks to this tool.

You may want to exercise caution if you use a social media platform because certain websites disclose your location. Go over the terms and conditions before continuing.


These applications can make you some money, but at the expense of your private information. Therefore, it is preferable to be aware of the implications of downloading and using these programs. There are no promises as to what will happen to your personal information once you grant access to it. App owners frequently switch. For instance, the Japanese company Rakuten acquired eBates. In light of identity theft and online fraud, I would want to highlight the need for you to exercise caution when handling your financial information. You’re somewhat secure using these apps because they are from reputable companies. However, I advise using these programs with extreme caution.

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