12 of the best online selling applications for making money

12 of the best online selling applications for making money

12 of the best online selling applications for making money

best online selling applications: What are the top applications for selling things online out of the numerous ones available? We can help you sell everything, including shoes, DVDs, and sporting goods.

We’ll go through 12 of the top apps for selling things online in this article. These apps can both help you earn additional money and organize your home. What’s best? Although some of them receive a commission on the sales made through their platform, none of them charge a fee for processing payments.

12 best online selling applications for income

The best app to sell things is eBay.

The finest app for online selling is unquestionably eBay. 135 million users and an astonishing 85 million vendors use it globally.

You can use eBay to sell everything, from used video games and kid’s toys to jewelry and even mega-yachts, if you’re looking for an app to sell anything online.

This is how it goes: Upload a photo of the thing you wish to sell first, then decide whether to advertise it globally or simply locally. Then fix a cost. Using the auction tool or listing your goods at a set price are also options.

The auctions on this online market are well-known for operating just like they would in the real world. Interested buyers place bids on your goods after you select a starting price. The highest bidder wins when the auction is over.

When local purchasers pick up your products, you can opt to be paid using a debit card, credit card, PayPal, or with cash.

Get it on iOS or Android.

  1. CPlus for Craigslist: A fantastic app for local selling

CPlus for Craigslist: Excellent software for local selling

CPlus for Craigslist is a third-party selling application that has been granted official license status by Craigslist, one of the most well-known online marketplaces for local goods sales. It’s an excellent place to discover buyers in your neighborhood, just like the website.

With Craigslist available in 570 cities across 70 countries, and more than 300,000 for-sale listings posted daily in the 23 major US cities, it’s little wonder that so many people advertise their items there.

This local selling app uses your geolocation when you put an item for sale to list your ad in surrounding cities. Additionally, purchasers can set up notifications to be notified when a new property that might interest them becomes available.

The item can be picked up and paid for by buyers who get in touch with you directly.

Try to meet potential buyers in a secure public space, as with any in-person transactions. Before you send over the item, be on the lookout for con artists and make sure you have received payment.

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  1. Make money quickly with Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace: Simple money-making tool

As a result of the fact that practically everyone you know has a Facebook account, Facebook Marketplace is undoubtedly one of the selling apps with the most accessibility. In actuality, the marketplace is used by around 800 million people each month.

12 of the best online selling applications for making money
12 of the best online selling applications for making money

Take photos of your items, describe them, and post them to sell them. While listing fees are not a concern for you, keep in mind that a successful transaction will result in a 5% selling fee.

You’ll need to plan a means of payment and delivery when a buyer makes you an offer. You may, for instance, decide to have the item picked up, shipped, or delivered. Additionally, you might choose using a system like PayPal or Venmo or receiving payment in cash.

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  1. Nextdoor: Excellent software for local buy-and-sell

Another top smartphone app for local mobile sales is Nextdoor. In order for Nextdoor to link you with your neighbors and personalize your daily feed, you must provide your ZIP code when you install the app.

Click the “+” icon in your feed, upload a photo, enter a price, and add a description to advertise an item for sale.

Your “for sale” listing will immediately appear in your neighbors’ Nextdoor feeds, along with the customary announcements like road closures, block parties, and parking complaints. This buy-and-sell software is fantastic in that regard.

If you haven’t had any offers for a few days, think about reducing your item to give it a “boost.” By boosting your listing, Nextdoor will move it to the top of the stream, which is likely to enhance the likelihood that it will sell. It’s vital to remember that after offering a discount on your item, the price cannot be raised again.

To reach a larger audience and improve the likelihood that your items will sell, there is also a handy option to make listings visible in your wider local region.

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  1. OfferUp: Speedy mobile purchasing

Mobile app for selling offer up

A mobile-first e-commerce platform called OfferUp instantaneously connects devoted customers with sellers.

OfferUp listings never expire. When you put something up for sale, it will stay there until it either sells or you take the ad down.

Upload a photo of what you want to sell when you’re ready, and the selling app will utilize image recognition to help fill in the details. Based on what comparable things sell for in your region, OfferUp will generate a brief description and a suggested price.

You can always pay 99-$3.99 for a premium listing, which will be highlighted and pushed to the top of the page, if you want to sell your item more quickly or promote a discount.

Get it on iOS or Android.

  1. Poshmark: Excellent app for clothing sales Poshmark: Fantastic app for clothing sales

One of the coolest applications for selling used clothing, shoes, purses, jewelry, makeup, and other items is Poshmark.

It’s no surprise that Poshmark is one of the greatest apps for selling clothes when there are 25 million products from more than 5,000 brands listed on the app at any given time.

Poshmark has a rather simple selling process: upload a few images, provide a description (including brand, size, fit, color, etc.), and set a price. Poshmark can generate a prepaid postage label for you when you sell an item to make delivering products simpler.

Poshmark is one of the best apps for selling things because it has so many entertaining features that make the process less difficult. For instance, you can use the “Posh Stories” function to promote your products through a series of brief movies.

The Posh Bundle is an additional great feature. This enables retailers to encourage customers to buy more things by offering a multi-item discount. As bundles, you may even offer complete outfits.

On purchases under $15 and over $15, this selling software charges a fixed commission of $2.95 and 20% of the transaction price, respectively. You have the option of receiving payment after a sale by direct deposit or bank check.

Get it on iOS or Android.

  1. Vestiaire Collective: The best earning app for high-end clothing

Top luxury clothes money-making app: Vestiaire Collective

One of the top applications for selling high-end clothing is Vestiaire Collective. Therefore, think about using this selling app if you have any expensive items in your closet and want to make some money.

Upload pictures of your products and note their brand, size, condition, and desired price to get started. The photographs will then be automatically enhanced by Vestiaire Collective to make them more appealing to customers.

Every item you sell for under $80 receives a $12 flat commission from Vestiaire Collective, while things you sell for between $80 and $13,000 receive a 15% commission. From the selling app, you can transfer money to a PayPal or bank account.

Get it on iOS or Android.

The well-known app thredUP for clothing sales

One of the most popular apps to earn money online in 2023 is ThredUP. The business calls itself the largest online consignment and thrift retailer in the world, and with good cause. More than 2 million items from more than 35,000 brands may be found on the selling app, claims thredUP. Additionally, each day, almost 40,000 new things for women and children are introduced.

ThredUp is fantastic because it does all the work for you. Order a free Clean Out Kit from the app once you’ve gathered your goods to sell, and thredUP will send you a sizable, attractive polka-dot bag to send your items to be sold in.

ThredUP will look over your items, photograph them, and list them for you on the market. Simple, right?

If your things are purchased, you can get paid with a prepaid Visa card or through PayPal. Receiving thredUP credits to spend on products on the selling app is another possibility.

thredUP will send you a donation kit if you wish to organize your closet and give some money to a good cause. Send your clothing in, and thredUP will contribute a portion of the proceeds.

Get it on iOS or Android.

  1. Decluttr: A mobile app for selling outdated technology

Decluttr is a mobile app for selling used technology.

One of the finest applications for selling items that you’re unsure what to do with is Decluttr. For instance, it’s the ideal location to sell used textbooks, cellphones, tablets, video games, LEGO, and DVDs.

It only takes a few minutes to sell something, and the process is really simple. You can get a fast price quote from Decluttr by just scanning the bar codes of your items.

When you’re done scanning, you’ll get a box to use to send your items to Decluttr along with a printable prepaid postage label.

The next day, if your things pass Decluttr’s quality inspection, you’ll get paid. You have the option of receiving your funds through PayPal, direct deposit, or bank check.

You won’t get paid or get your things back if your goods don’t pass the quality check, though. So, before you begin scanning, take care to read the seller’s instructions.

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  1. Chairish: an app for selling furniture

Furniture-selling app Chairish

An app called Chairish was created exclusively to let people buy and sell new and secondhand furniture.

It enables retailers to sell a range of goods. For instance, you can offer both machine-made and handcrafted things, as well as vintage furniture, without any problems.

If you intend to sell fewer than 10 items each month, listing your items on Chairish is free. However, this selling app will charge you 30% of the sale price.

However, you’ll need to sign up for a membership plan if you wish to list more than 10 products every month. Paid memberships come with extra perks including accelerated payments, promoted listings, and buyer help.

Chairish advises that you include shipping fees in your listing price, unlike other selling applications that can help you make money. Additionally, you might want to think about designating large things as pick-up only.

Chairish waits 48 hours after a buyer receives your item to accept refund requests. Your money will be transferred to you via PayPal if the buyer decides not to start a return.

Install on: iOS

  1. The app for selling custom clothing, Printful

App for selling custom clothing: Printful

A print-on-demand app called Printful enables you to make and design personalized clothing. There are more than 200 goods that can be customized and printed on, and it is incredibly nicely organized.

The major prerequisite for using the app is having an e-commerce website.

Connect your website to Printful first, then think about your target and produce clothing that will appeal to them. Set a price that generates a profit while paying for printing and delivery next. Finally, promote your goods to attract your initial clients.

You can track your shipments, speak with customer service, release order holds, and get order updates with Printful’s mobile app.

Consequently, you should think about using this software to monetize your gift and skill if you have a penchant for creating clothing designs with outstanding visuals and artwork.

Get it on iOS or Android.

  1. VarageSale: top app for local product sales

The best app for selling locally is VarageSale.

VarageSale is a buy-sell app that demands verification from both buyers and sellers. This contributes to ensuring a legitimate and secure environment for sale and purchase.

The selling process on the app is extremely simple. To create a listing, click the blue Post camera button at the bottom of the screen, add five crisp photos of the item you wish to sell, and then input the necessary information.

By providing your ZIP code in the app, you can advertise the listing to potential buyers in your community. Customers may view their images and even send them direct messages because their Facebook profiles are always linked to them.

If someone is interested in purchasing from you, they can place a reservation for it, and you will meet them offline to complete the transaction.

VarageSale doesn’t charge any listing or selling fees as of the time of this writing. Merchants have the option to indicate that their goods are “sold,” “available,” or “sale pending.”

Get it on iOS or Android.

The Top 12 Apps for Making Money

There are several outstanding apps available for selling goods. In summary, the top 12 applications for selling your goods in 2023 are listed below:

  • eBay
  • For Craigslist, CPlus
  • Instagram Marketplace
  • Nextdoor
  • OfferUp
  • Poshmark
  • The Collective Vestiaire
  • thredUP
  • Chairish
  • Decluttr
  • Printful
  • VarageSale

Be sure to take the best possible photographs when using applications to earn money.

Although a DSLR camera is ideal for taking pictures, you can also take excellent product photos using a smartphone. The advantages of the item should be highlighted in great depth as well.

You won’t have to wait long for that first sale if you do these two things correctly. Happy marketing!

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