Where Can I Get Cash Near Me for Selling Cardboard?

Where Can I Get Cash Near Me for Selling Cardboard?

Where Can I Get Cash Near Me for Selling Cardboard?

Cash for Selling Cardboard Do you know where I can buy and sell cardboard locally? This site contains a list of cardboard-buying businesses and organizations in your area as well as extensive instructions on how to sell cardboard. Visit it to learn how to profit from used cardboard.

We receive free cardboard boxes almost daily or even weekly. These are included whether we order groceries or other items online or even at physical stores. In actuality, cardboard is the most popular packaging material used both domestically and internationally.

United States Cardboard Box Statistics

Do you know how many cardboard boxes are used by Amazon alone for delivery in the US each year? Nobody truly is aware. The quantity may be estimated, though, because Amazon, the biggest online retailer in the world, ships more than 1.6 million “packages” every day.

Naturally, not all of these are delivered in boxes made of cardboard. But many of these are simply cardboard boxes, which come in many sizes. It’s interesting that Amazon won’t say how many cardboard boxes it uses annually. In fact, Amazon maintains that it is searching for alternatives to using cardboard boxes for delivery and is attempting to lessen its reliance on them.

An organization based in Trenton, New Jersey called All County Recycling estimates that 80 billion cardboard boxes of all sizes are utilized in the USA each year. The recycler further estimates that cardboard is used to package 80% of goods in the US. However, according to the Department of Environment Conservation in New York State, corrugated cardboard boxes make up 90% of all packaging in the US.

According to figures provided by the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA), a significant amount of paper, paper products, corrugated boxes, and other similar materials are recycled in the USA each year.

One ton of corrugated cardboard requires the use of 17 trees, according to Salt Lake City, Utah-based packaging material producer Packsize International. They claim that one tree can provide enough wood to manufacture 151.6 corrugated cardboard boxes. In reality, the most typical type of packing is corrugated cardboard boxes.

Additional Cardboard Waste Types

Waste doesn’t just include cardboard boxes. Additionally, cardboard is used to make book covers and other similar items, as well as cardboard tubes, plates, and discs in various sizes.

According to the European statistics portal Statista, the United States recycled 68% of paper, paperboard, cardboard, and other products in 2021. We’re eagerly awaiting the 2022 numbers.

The United States wastes about 32% of paper, paperboard, cardboard boxes, and other similar materials manufactured of wood and trees, if Statista’s estimates are to be believed. These typically wind up in landfills, are burned, or are just left laying around in factories, offices, residences, and retail spaces.

More fascinating information on cardboard may be found at the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. According to their website, the US corrugated cardboard packaging market is the largest in the packaging material sector and is worth $17 billion annually. Toxic sulfur dioxide is released into the atmosphere during the production of tree pulp for corrugated cardboard boxes.

Several news reports claim that the quest for substitute materials for cardboard has generally been futile. Therefore, cardboard continues to be the material of choice for packaging in the shape of boxes, rolls, and other similar items.

Why You Should Sell Cardboard Locally

Many of us don’t actually sell cardboard boxes. Instead, for a variety of reasons, we fold them and store them away. Of course, packing other items is the key justification. Old cardboard boxes are occasionally used at school for craft projects. Others cultivate plants and herbs temporarily using cardboard cartons.

The main reason why the majority of us don’t sell cardboard boxes, tubes, sheets, and other items of a similar kind is because we don’t know where or how to do so. We frequently think that cardboard has no value in the scrap market or that the money we would receive from selling this material would be insufficient to make the effort worthwhile.

This might also apply to you. I would thus underline that by selling cardboard, you are actually assisting efforts to save the environment and lessen the cutting down of trees. In actuality, recycling activities are aided by the sale of cardboard. As a result, the manufacture of fresh cardboard emits fewer harmful gases.

I urge you to sell cardboard in your area because it’s a kind deed. Perhaps not much money will come your way. However, by selling cardboard for recycling, you are preserving the planet and its ecology.

Recycle for Money: 29 Things You Can Recycle Near You for Cash

income from the nearby sale of cardboard

Actually, selling cardboard won’t bring in much money. By the middle of 2023, the cost of cardboard, both baled and unbaled, will be $3 to $5 per 100 pounds, or roughly 45 kilograms.

You wouldn’t be able to make much money selling cardboard rolls, tubes, cartons, and other items that you typically see at home. However, if you so want, selling cardboard might be a lucrative side business.

You need to know where to buy cardboard if you want to sell it as a side business. Here is a list of places where you can find cardboard boxes. Before making the decision to purchase cardboard, you should be aware of the following: Most individuals won’t give you their cardboard for free; they’ll sell it instead. This implies that you will have to give them money.

Here are various methods for obtaining free cardboard boxes, tubes, rolls, and other items.

Food pantries and food banks
Licensed Stores
Universities, Colleges, and Schools
plants and gardening supplies Sellers
Clothes Vendors
Management Companies for Events
lodging and dining
Sellers of computers and appliances
Furniture Shops
Sites of Construction
They will demand the cost of unbaled cardboard from you. As I have said, this implies that you will spend $3 to $5 for every 100 lbs. of loose cardboard.
Additionally, figure out how much it will cost to transfer this cardboard to your garage, house, or another site.

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Conditions for Selling Cardboard Close to You

A reliable, previously purchased cardboard baler that can be quickly placed in your garage or another location is a must if you want to sell cardboard and make money.

Depending on the capacity, a used cardboard baler might cost anywhere between $1,000 and $10,000, according to a number of sites. However, I would advise you to start off with a smaller cardboard baler and upgrade to a larger one as your local cardboard business expands.

You’re ready to sell cardboard and earn money once you have the required tools, such as a baler and sources of loose cardboard, in place.

In my area, who buys cardboard?
Making bales is the simplest way to sell cardboard. A cardboard bale can sell for between $115 and $200 per ton. This is dependent on the cardboard’s quality and other elements. Make careful to only create cardboard bales of the highest caliber.

These locations sell cardboard bales.

Paper mills, first

Nearby paper manufacturers will readily purchase bales of cardboard. This is so that they may pulp the bales and turn them into more cardboard or other paper goods. Such recovered cardboard is typically employed in recycling and the production of affordable paper goods.

  1. Recycling Firms
    Recycling Businesses
    Locate nearby paper and cardboard recycling businesses by consulting the Yellow Pages USA. If your price is reasonable, they will be pleased to purchase high-quality cardboard bales. To retrieve their bales, some recyclers may send their own trucks.

State recycling initiatives 3.
Each state in the US has its own recycling initiatives. They purchase cardboard to entice residents. Whether you are selling little or a lot doesn’t matter. They’ll offer you money in exchange for your work. They occasionally remove the cardboard from your place as well.

  1. The Facebook Market
    Instagram Marketplace
    Boxes in bales can be sold on Facebook Marketplace as well. For a variety of uses, some traders purchase cardboard in bales and in loose form. Typically, you may find them nearby.

Craigslist, no. 5
very old The most reliable way to sell cardboard nearby is on Craigslist. Create a profile and sell used cardboard to customers that get in touch with you. However, if you’re selling loose cardboard on this website, don’t anticipate making any money.

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  1. Recycling Organizations
    The best source to locate local purchasers of loose and baled cardboard is recycler’s associations. They typically have a membership list. On their websites, you may locate the recycler that is closest to you.


Selling cardboard one-offs is a waste-reduction strategy for your house or place of business. From such sales, you will only profit marginally. However, it must be a side job or business if you’re serious about selling cardboard and making a lot of money. Before installing a cardboard baling device at your home, garage, or another location, check the local legislation.

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