What is Indriver App? How to earn money by driving part time?


In this post I am going to tell you about Indriver App India, what is this app? And for what purposes we can use this app, I am going to give complete information so that whatever questions you may have regarding this app are cleared.

OLA and UBER are popular Indian cab booking companies, with OLA being more popular due to its online booking feature. Similarly, Indriver App also works and like OLA, UBER, we can book the cab of this company for commuting.

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What is Indriver App India?

Indriver App is a unique ride-hailing app with features like offering options, driver selection, and rating ratings for trips in over 300 cities and 31 countries.

The special thing about Indriver App is that you bid your money in it, like suppose if you have to go from point A to point B. So you place your ride request from point A to point B by specifying a fixed amount.

Your request is visible to all drivers in that area. If a driver finds your request correct then it is obvious that he will accept your request and will reach to pick you up at your specified location.

If you want to earn some money by driving, then this app also provides this type of facility. You can easily earn money by becoming a driver on Indriver. If you do a lot of driving then with the help of this app you can earn money by taking people to their designated places.

How to download and install Indriver App?

To download this app from Google Play Store, follow these steps: first, click on the provided link.

2. Install the app after finding it on Google Play Store.

3. The app download will be installed on your phone.

How to create an account in Indriver App?

To create an account in this app, follow the following steps after downloading and opening it.

1. Open Indriver App

2. Click on Get Started.

3. Verify by entering your mobile number

4. Click on Passenger or Driver

5. Enter your name and click on Next Button

6. Now your account has been created on Indriver app.

How to use Indriver App?

It is very easy to use Indriver app. When you create your account in this app, something like this appears in front of you as you can see in the photo given below.


How to book a cab on Indriver App?

You can place your cab request on Indriver App in just a few steps and when a driver receives your request, he will accept your request and reach your specified location to pick you up. To book a ride you have to follow the following steps.

1. First open the app and click on 3 times at the top

2. Your menu bar will open in which click on City.


3. After this you will see the option of Book a Ride.

4. Here you have to select whatever type of Ride or Intercity you want to book.

5. In Destination, you have to enter the name of the place where you want to reach. If you want to book that place by seeing it on the map, then you can do so by clicking on Show on Map.

6. On Offer Your fare, you have to enter the money that you want to give to the driver. You can enter the money as per your choice. If someone accepts your offer then he will come to pick you up. In my opinion, you should put such an amount that no one suffers loss.

7. In Comments and Wishes, you can write anything as per your wish which you feel is right.

8. After following all the steps, you have to click on Book a Ride. And in this way you can book your ride on Indriver.


So friends, now you must have understood the important information about Indriver App India. And you must have also understood how to book drivers on Indriver App India and earn money.

If you have any problem in this post, you can tell through comment. If you like the post, do not forget to share it and keep visiting the website for important information related to the App.

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