How to get a job from Kormo Jobs by Google? complete information

In this post, I am going to tell you about Google’s job app, Kormo Jobs. Here, I will tell you what kormo jobs are. And how to use it. 

The level of unemployment in India is very high, and people here keep searching for jobs on the internet. Many websites and apps provide information about these jobs. 

Where we can search for jobs for ourselves, create our account, and also upload our resume so that if someone needs us, they can contact us.

What is the Kormo Job App?

Kormo App is a Job App that helps you get a job per your qualifications, interests, and location.

The launching date of this App is 18 August 2020. Its rating is 4.2 and till now, i.e., till 25 November, it has got more than 5 million downloads. This App asks you to create your profile and add all your qualifications.

After this, this App shows you all the jobs available in the market according to your qualifications and interests. If you find any job suitable, then you can apply.

And by giving timely interviews, you can easily get the job. You will get jobs in almost all categories on the Kormo app.

Here, let me tell you that on this App, you can see the jobs of only those companies that recruit themselves. These companies are verified on the Kormo Job App or Google.

Here Kormo App neither takes money from you to get you a job nor does it take money from the company to post the job. So, if a company takes money from you for a job, then there is no commission in the Kormo Jobs India App.

Therefore, whatever company you go to for an interview, definitely find out about it so that you can avoid any fraud.

 How to download the Kormo Job app and create an account?

You can easily download the Kormo job app download from the Google Play Store. To download this App, visit the Google Play Store and search Kormo in the search option.

After clicking on the first App, you can install it on your phone by clicking on the install button.

You can create an account very easily in the Kormo App; for this, you have to open the App and follow the steps as shown in the picture.

Karma Job App

1. Open the App and proceed by clicking on the Continue button with your Email ID. This page gives you the option to select your language.

2. After this, click on 3 jobs out of which type of job you want and click on the Continue button.

3. After this, you have the option to choose the city where you wish to do the job. If the name of your city is not visible in it, then you have to click on Current Location and proceed further.

Karma Job App

By following these three steps, your account will be created on this App, and your job will start showing on your home screen.

Even after filling in all these things, you have to fill in many other things like Contact info, Education, and Work Experience so that your profile looks stronger and reliable and the company can contact you for a job.

On the home page itself, you will see the option of your location and profile. Below this, you will be asked to fill in the rest of your details like Contact info, education, Work Experience, etc.

How to get a job on Kormo App?

When you create your profile on this App and fill in all your necessary details, then jobs from many companies start appearing on this App.

On the home page itself, you are given information about the name of that company, its location, and how much it will pay you in a month.

You have to click on the job of any company to which you want to apply. After clicking, you can see the full details of that company, like Job Title, Job Description, Number of Posts, Interview Date and Qualification, etc.

If you fit the qualifications demanded by a company and are interested in a job in that company, then you can apply for a job in that company and then click on Not Interested.

To apply for a job in the company, you have to click on the Apply button and then click on Confirm And Apply.

After this, your application will reach the company, and the company will check your profile. if it gives you a job, the company will call you directly.

If the company puts your number in its profile, then you can also call the company and get information about the job.

How to upload a resume on Kormo Jobs?

A resume is very important for a job in a company, and a better resume has a very good impact on the HR of the company.

If you do not have a resume, then you can make your resume and upload it in Doc format or PDF format. If you do not have a resume, then you will have to fill in all the details in the App; this detail works like a resume.

kormo jobs

To upload a resume on Kormo Jobs, you have to click on the profile above; after that, click on Upload Resume, click on Browse, and you can upload your resume.

Kormo jobs

If you do not have a resume, then you can make your resume and upload it in Doc format or PDF format. If you do not have a resume, then you will have to fill in all the details in the App; this detail works like a resume.

When you scroll down to see the job, you will see banners of various Learn New Skills articles in between.If you find any of these articles useful for you and want to read it, then you can click on it. To see all the articles, you have to click on View More.

After this, you will see the kind of articles that you have selected for your job category. By reading these articles, you can learn new skills and get a good job.


 I hope you have understood everything well in the post written on Kormo Jobs by Google. And you must have come to know what some jobs are.

If you are not able to understand any information related to this App in this post, then you can ask us by commenting, and we will help you completely.

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