Have you ever daydreamed about being paid well to play with your phone all day?

It appears that’s exactly what occurs when you learn how to make money off of TikTok. Every day, we witness the countless influencers who earn millions of dollars annually from their TikTok accounts.

It’s hardly a mystery, either. Since its release in 2016, TikTok has expanded remarkably quickly; it is the first app not owned by Facebook to reach three billion installs.
While earning money from your TikTok account isn’t simple, it is definitely doable if you have the motivation, plan, and desire to do it. You need also be aware of the optimal times to post on TikTok.

We’ll examine seven techniques to start earning money on TikTok in this article.

Let’s proceed.

7 Ways to Start Making Money on TikTok Today

On your preferred app, there are numerous ways to earn money. Let’s examine some of the most effective TikTok monetization techniques in 2021.

  1. Become an influencer on TikTok
    You’ve heard the expression “Build it, and they will come.” TikTok is included in this notion.

You will be able to secure influencer collaborations with brands all around the world that want to engage with your audience if you establish an account with a devoted and active following.

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A brand can ask you to advertise their goods or services in your TikTok videos as part of an influencer marketing deal. Money or free merchandise from the business are the most typical forms of compensation.

For instance, Charli D’Amelio, one of the most popular TikTokers, works as an influencer for P&G, one of the most well-known companies.

How to earn money as an influencer on TikTok

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need millions of followers like Charli to become an influencer.

Many businesses favor collaborating with “micro-influencers,” or influencers that have fewer followers. Depending on who you’re talking to and the size of the market you’re targeting, the definition of a micro-influencer might vary, but it typically has between 5,000 and 50,000 followers.

It’s a good idea to have a specialty or a particular subject or topic for your account and articles if you want to succeed as an influencer. Brands will be able to tell right away if you’re a good fit for the goods and services they want you to help market in this way.

  1. Expand and market TikTok accounts.
    Many companies want to be active on TikTok but lack the time and funds to establish and develop a presence there.

Why not provide them a quick path to TikTok expansion? Growing and selling TikTok accounts are two ways to achieve this.

People have constructed social media accounts for a while now and sold them to generate money. For instance, Ramy Halloun, 23, uses this TikTok monetization technique to get about $30,000 annually.

You need more than simply an appealing selection of videos on your account to successfully sell TikTok accounts. You’ll also need a committed following and a narrow emphasis.

The buyer can go on producing the same type of material after the purchase to keep followers, making themed or “niche” accounts simpler to sell.

For instance, if you sell an account that contains brief unboxing-related videos, the brand you sell the account to is free to keep publishing the same kind of films in the future.

Because followers may be drawn to the person rather than the type of material, personal accounts are much harder to market.

You must have a solid content strategy for selling TikTok accounts, interact with followers frequently, and offer purchasers suggestions on how to increase engagement on their newly acquired accounts.

  1. Post sponsored content

Through sponsored content, you can earn money from your TikTok account in another way. This is the point at which businesses approach you (or you approach them) about include their products in your video. They recompense you for your service by paying you a price in exchange.

You might begin by constructing your portfolio by working with lesser brands. Ask your neighborhood’s small businesses if they would be interested in being featured on TikTok. Starting out with a low price and gradually increasing it as your reputation as a TikTok maker grows can be a good idea.

But if you’d prefer to charge more and attract advertisers, think about signing up for the TikTok Creator Marketplace (TCM). For those who are not know, TCM is a platform for cooperation that enables marketers to interact with TikTokers and conduct marketing campaigns with them.

  1. Market Your Own Goods

If you have a TikTok for Business account and are from the US, Canada, or the UK, you might be able to add a shopping tab and product links to your profile.

In essence, the shopping tab is a new feature as a result of TikTok’s collaboration with Shopify. It’s intended to assist TikTokers who have a Shopify store in promoting their goods via the app. When a user clicks a product link, they are taken to the retailer’s Shopify store to make a purchase.

Even if it’s not a straightforward way to make money on TikTok, you’d still profit by driving purchases for your company.

Pro tip: If you are new to TikTok, you can promote your products by making original TikTok movies. For instance, you can create 30-second recipe videos and post them on TikTok if your company sells culinary products. Be original!

  1. Gather contributions
    Coins is an intriguing feature on TikTok. You can get these coins from your most devoted and devoted fans if you’re qualified to live stream. Eventually, you can sell them for cash.

This is how it goes: Imagine that your biggest fan buys coins, which cost $1.39 for 100 coins (and $139.99 for 1,000 coins) in increments.

That user can send you coins if you’re live streaming or use those coins to make purchases for you. Following that, you can use PayPal to exchange coins and presents for diamonds, which can subsequently be exchanged for cash.

Really nice, no?

  1. Work as a consultant for TikTok
    One of the more difficult platforms for many businesses to master is TikTok. Trends frequently shift due to the channel’s special characteristics.

Anyone can instantly become a viral sensation, and it’s simple to lose some of your fans as well.

TikTok consultants are in high demand as a result.

Brands engage TikTok consultants to assist them establish their presence and increase traffic to their TikTok accounts.

If you know how to create TikTok videos that go viral, you may charge people to learn from you. It’s a fantastic method to make money off of your skills while fostering professional connections.

You’ll need to show that you can generate hundreds or perhaps millions of views on videos if you want to be a successful TikTok consultant. You’ll also need to be familiar with how to use the app’s many functions.

If you’re successful on TikTok, you should take care of these issues.

  1. Establish A TikTok Talent Agency
    Do you have any experience in production, social media marketing, or talent management? You may start a company that provides advice and oversees the accounts of well-known TikTok users.

It’s comparable to performers having their own talent managers, if you think about it.

For those individuals who have suddenly become extremely popular, this service is quite beneficial. They create a fantastic video, get out of bed, and then POW! They have more supporters than ever, but they don’t know how to maintain the momentum.

That’s where you, as a talent manager, step in. You might support influencers by:

Make alliances with companies whose brand values and fan base align with yours.
On their behalf, negotiate contracts and agreements.
Give them content strategy recommendations to increase their exposure and engagement.
Create innovative and captivating methods to earn money (for you both!)
What Kind of Income Can You Expect from TikTok?
Although you don’t need 20 million subscribers to make money on TikTok, a successful account needs to have a large, active following.

The amount of money you can make from tactics like influencer marketing is typically correlated with the number of followers you have. It is common knowledge that popular accounts can make tens of thousands of dollars or even a million dollars from a single post.

There are tools available that can predict your potential earnings depending on your account stats. The TikTok Money Calculator from Influencer Marketing Hub is an excellent tool.

Consider the well-known TikTokker Kody Antle, who got his start thanks to his father’s appearance on the popular program Tiger King.

Kody could be earning up to $27,800 a post with 28 million followers and a 0.75% engagement rate.

How much money can you make using TikTok?

Your earnings will be less if you’re still in the micro-influencer levels.

For instance, Carlos Ayala makes an estimated $114 each post and has 112,900 followers with a 3.07% engagement rate.

Remember that your revenues will vary depending on the TikTok monetization plan you choose and the execution of that approach.

How Many Followers Are Required For TikTok Financial Success?

Technically, 1,000 followers would be enough to start earning money on TikTok. Finding companies willing to sponsor your material would be necessary.

Another strategy is to interact with your viewers in live videos to win prizes and establish yourself as a fan favorite.

TikTok viewers can send presents in a variety of types and quantities to their favorite creators to show support. When you get a gift, your TikTok profile will change it into a diamond. When you have produced enough diamonds, you can sell them for money and withdraw the proceeds using PayPal or another accepted payment method.

The $100 minimum withdrawal threshold applies. Creators on TikTok can withdraw up to $1,000 every week.

Along with these two choices, you can apply to become a member of the TikTok Creator Fund. This is a program TikTok utilizes to reward content producers that consistently produce high-quality material and add value for their audience.

The criteria for the TikTok Creator Fund are as follows:

There are at least 10,000 followers on your TikTok account.
In the last 30 days, you have produced at least 100,000 video views.
You reside in the UK, US, Germany, France, Spain, or Italy and are at least 18 years old.

The greatest candidates for this choice are creators who have been able to amass a respectable following during the past several months.

How to Make Money on TikTok in 2021

It’s simple to figure out how to make money on TikTok.

The most important thing to remember is that you need amazing material that people like, and you need to put in a lot of effort to steadily increase your following.

You’ll start making money right away if you approach it with the correct attitude, are willing to learn as you go, and keep a careful eye on what’s working and what isn’t.

Here are the top 7 ways to start earning money on TikTok, in brief:

  • Become an influencer on TikTok
  • Develop and market TikTok accounts
  • Post sponsored content
  • Market Your Own Goods
  • Take Donations
  • Become a consultant for TikTok
  • Create A Talent Management Agency For TikTok
  • How do you plan to make money off your TikTok account? Comment below with your thoughts and let us know.

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