Where To Buy Textbooks To Sell For Cash In 2023

Where To Buy Textbooks To Sell For Cash In 2023

Where To Buy Textbooks To Sell For Cash In 2023

Textbooks Sell For Cash Don’t know where to sell books yet want to earn money by selling used books? In addition to offering advice on how to receive the greatest book prices, this post will identify the top venues to sell used textbooks.

Some of us have books scattered throughout the house. These are now completely useless as universities and colleges switch to digital textbooks and study materials. However, keep reading if you want to make some money before textbooks vanish completely.

Many people save their old textbooks long after they have finished their education. These outdated textbooks are kept since we are unsure of where to sell them. Additionally, nobody in our family or social circle would need these textbooks. As a result, they take up valuable space by lying around the house idle.

But did you realize that we could potentially sell these used books in 2023 and get a little extra cash? Perhaps not. If that applies to you, keep reading.

In 2023, there are actually two methods for selling textbooks. I’ll start by discussing these two options because they may help you better grasp how the industry operates and how much money you stand to gain.

best location for textbook sales
Two Techniques for Selling Books

There are two ways to sell textbooks. That is dependent upon your needs and the amount of money you hope to earn. Additionally, in some circumstances, it would depend on where you are.

One-time sale

You can easily sell used books to earn money if you have any laying around at home or the office that you don’t really need. Even while it won’t be much, it’s better than letting the books grow mold and become destroyed over time. There are about 20 top venues to sell textbooks in such situations. You needn’t put in a lot of work because this is a one-time project.

Business with used textbooks

As an alternative, you may open a used book company. In other words, you will purchase one or more used books from other individuals and sell them to these 20 top shops that I will list.

Of course, you would need to make a little initial expenditure to launch such a firm. You’ll also need to have some understanding of the kinds of books that can be sold or that are textbooks that people will actually purchase. You waste money by purchasing pointless books.

As I previously stated, the method of textbook sales relies on how much money you want to make. You have at least 20 of the greatest sites to sell textbooks as a result. Any of these choices are available to you.

Here’s a word of warning before I continue. It’s important to keep in mind that only textbooks that are current and useful for schools and colleges are in demand before you start selling them.

Then there are a few instances where exceedingly old textbooks that are hard to find and might be considered antiques or classics have some market worth. You can squander time, money, and other resources trying to sell textbooks if your books don’t fit into any of these categories.

Cheapest Textbook Price

This raises even another query for us. What is the potential profit from selling textbooks?

Sincerely, I have no genuine estimates to share. In rare circumstances, you can receive up to 75% of the cover price. In other circumstances, you could only be able to earn 15% of the cover price.

There are many factors that affect the selling price. As a result, I’ll talk about the factors that influence textbook pricing that you might want to sell.

Relevance of the curriculum of today

Do the books you intend to offer fit into the current curricula at the universities and schools? The first query to be addressed is this one. This is due to the fact that you can only sell required textbooks. Your older textbooks have little value and can only be used as a source of free paper.
In order to determine whether the books you have are still relevant today, check with the school or college. Some of the books may not be current or even be listed on the school or college syllabus if you graduated a long time ago.

General Situation

It should go without saying that a significant portion of the cost of textbooks is determined by their general condition. It makes sense that some books would be in shelf-ready condition while others would have damage like dog ears, stains from food or other substances, scribbles, or drawings produced by pupils.

Others may have a few pages completely missing, too. Additionally, a few pages of some textbooks may be severely damaged or ripped. Keep in mind that only books in acceptable condition can be sold.


When you want to sell textbooks, your location is quite important. This is due to the increased emphasis on e-learning in schools nowadays. Additionally, studies have shown that textbooks don’t truly aid students in raising their test scores or learning standards. In fact, some nations have already shifted to teaching strategies and curricula that don’t really call for textbooks.

Therefore, there isn’t much you can do to sell textbooks if you’re in a place where universities or schools no longer utilize them. Second, certain textbooks are solely applicable in a specific field. The majority of American students never purchase textbooks that are specific to another state.

Year of Publication

Your textbooks’ worth is also determined by the year they were printed. Modern textbooks typically have little to no value to a collector. However, you could make a lot of money if you have an outdated or really hard-to-find textbook. That’s because such ancient textbooks are prized as collectibles or antiques.

Check the year of printing if you come across a textbook like this that appears to be really ancient. You can be sitting on a fortune if it is very old. The price of a textbook is also determined by the printing year, the printing location, and a number of other criteria.

Variety of Cover

Many people might be surprised to learn that the price of the textbooks we want to sell also depends on the style of cover. I discovered that hardback books sell for more money than softcover ones. Hardcovers are more expensive since they are seen as more durable and convenient to take about or keep.

Therefore, find out how much the two cost different amounts. If you search up the International Standard Book Number, or ISBN, that is printed on the textbook, you may quickly get this information. If the book doesn’t have an ISBN number, you can take it to a professional appraiser to find out its value or estimated sale price.

20 Best Locations for Textbook Sales in 2023

You should have a good notion of how to sell books and what pricing to anticipate from these few items I wrote about. No matter if you’re selling a few textbooks to clear up the clutter in your home and office or selling them as a business, these are essential to everyone.

It’s crucial to be aware that many textbooks in 2023 may not have any purchasers before you seek to sell them. Most educational institutions had to start offering online courses as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021. As a result, even in 2023, the necessity for textbooks is all but gone.

This situation is likely to persist until all textbooks are removed from colleges and universities. Therefore, it is essential to sell any textbooks you currently possess and generate some revenue through regular or one-time sales.

The top 20 locations to sell your textbooks are listed below.

Best Online Marketplaces For Offline Textbook Sales

  1. Colleges and Schools
    Colleges and Schools
    Whether you have school or college texts will determine this. Ask them whether they would be interested in purchasing these textbooks from you when you approach them.

In actuality, this might end up being the quickest way to sell textbooks and get money right now. While universities and schools may occasionally purchase from you, they can also help you locate students who require these texts.

That makes it much simpler for you to find customers. Remember that many schools and universities are moving toward electronic or digital textbooks, so it’s possible that nobody will want to buy your books.

  1. nearby libraries
    We often purchase textbooks from bookshops first, so it seems sense to approach them as well. Typically, you would be aware of the retailers where students purchase their textbooks.

So, go up to these bookstores. Once more, a word of warning. The demand might be much smaller than you anticipate because many institutions and colleges are now converting to e-books and digital books.

  1. a garage sale
    a garage sale
    Try selling the books yourself if you’re truly desperate to obtain some cash and sell some books. Set up a garage sale with a bunch of other items you want to get rid of and publicize it in your neighborhood.

There would be some customers eager to purchase your textbooks as well as other items. This is a great technique to fast earn money selling textbooks.

  1. Vintage stores
    Vintage stores
    We frequently have books sitting around the house that belonged to our parents or perhaps our grandpa. By the time you finish reading this post, these might be quite rare and old. Of course, curricula and teaching strategies have evolved significantly throughout time. Some of these textbooks aren’t even printed anymore, and the majority would have been recycled or burned.

If you find a very old textbook by chance, take it to any reputable antique store. They may estimate how much money you could make from selling it. If at all feasible, seek for the ISBN number because that can tell you whether or not a book is currently in print. Rare textbooks also have printers that are no longer in operation. These books may be quite valuable.

  1. Libraries
    If textbooks are current and helpful to people, schools, colleges, and public libraries frequently purchase them as well. To see if these libraries in your area are interested, you can send them an online inquiry.

If they offer these services to students, they may occasionally want to purchase some of your textbooks. They will only purchase textbooks if they are in excellent condition. One of the finest methods to obtain money for books rapidly is through this method.

Best Online Marketplaces For Old Books

  1. eBay
    Go to the website.
    The father of all websites that sell used goods is eBay. As a result, you can also sell used and outdated textbooks on their website. Make a seller account on eBay if you want to sell textbooks there. You must do this by filling out an online form with information about you and the seller, including your name, email address, phone number, and payment information.

Once eBay confirms your application to become a seller, take fantastic pictures of these books, add some details that might interest buyers, and list them for sale online. When determining the pricing, take shipping expenses into account as well.

  1. Amazon
    Go to the website.
    For those who don’t know, the biggest online retailer in the world, Amazon, started out selling old books. Despite its expansion and widespread acclaim, Amazon continues to buy and sell books. You must register as a seller on Amazon by setting up a personal account.

A password, email ID, payment information, and other details are needed for this. Once Amazon has approved your application, generate posts to sell by taking fantastic photographs, writing catchy descriptions, and so on. Consider the transportation charges as well because they could reduce your revenues.

  1. Craigslist
    Go to the website.
    Craigslist is the best location to sell used textbooks. You may do this by signing up for a free Craigslist account and listing your used books for sale. In some circumstances, Craigslist prohibits the upload of photographs for free listings. As a result, post detailed descriptions of the books, their asking prices, and any shipping fees.

You can draw in many customers who need these books for their collections or for their study. It is advantageous for both one-time sales and company to use this way of selling textbooks. However, choose the region or state where you now reside as the location where you desire to sell because certain textbooks might not be applicable elsewhere.

How to Get Paid on Craigslist?

Top 10 Craigslist-like Websites

  1. Instagram Marketplace
    Instagram Marketplace
    Go to the website.
    Facebook Marketplace, which has 2.93 billion members worldwide, is a great way to sell textbooks. Additionally free, creating and putting up ads are the only real expenditures associated with selling on Facebook Marketplace. Additionally, Facebook Marketplace is the best option because your ads for textbook sales would be displayed within a radius of roughly 100 square kilometers from your location.

This indicates that the people who could need the books for their school or college are your target market. Click on the store symbol if you already have a Facebook account, then make a post online with images and text.

  1. Shopify
    Go to the website.
    If you’re just starting out, it’s a great idea to sell textbooks on Shopify. This is due to the expense of starting a marketplace on Shopify. You’ll need to’rent’ the market and give it your own special brand.

I would advise choosing this option if you have a lot of textbooks and other books for sale. Again, you’ll need to include pictures and descriptions of the books you want to sell. Additionally, establish a method of payment and include any applicable shipping fees.

  1. Bookscouter.com
    Go to the website.
    The website Bookscouter.com is at the top of the list. This is an excellent service that enables you to locate your book using its ISBN number and provides you with a rough idea of the potential earnings.

By providing the necessary information, you can apply to sell your books using their straightforward online resource. You receive payment as soon as the books arrive, and they cover the cost of shipping.

  1. Decluttr.com
    Go to the website.
    Decluttr.com is yet another excellent online book store. You can also get rid of other items that are cluttering up your house or office using this service, such outdated periodicals, CDs, DVDs, and CDs. Before selling textbooks on this website, thoroughly review the terms and conditions.
  2. Booksrun.com
    Go to the website.
    Selling is quite easy on Booksrun.com. List your books simply using the ISBN. For sending the books to their address, they compensate you. They pay you three to four days after receiving your books.

By selling used books and lowering the amount of paper used for printing new ones, Booksrun.com asserts that it is helping to protect the environment.

  1. eCampus.com
    Go to the website.
    A well-known website for student services is e-Campus.com. By entering a book’s ISBN, you can list it and instantly get a price. They pay you to deliver the books to their address, and they can do it in a number of ways, including via check, direct credit to your bank account, or PayPal. Instead of money, you might request discount or shopping coupons. A referral scheme for earning points with cash value is available on E-Campus.com.
  2. Textbookrush.com
    Go to the website.
    College students can get textbook savings of up to 90% at TextbookRush.com. This can be a nice place to sell any college textbooks you may have. Once they receive your books, they pay immediately. The company also covers the cost of delivering the books from your location to theirs.
  3. Bookfinder.com
    Go to the website.
    The features on Bookfinder.com are extremely basic for selling books. Create a free account, list the books by ISBN, then search for quotes from them. The company will provide you postage coupons if you agree to the pricing. As soon as they receive your books at their warehouse, they pay. If you need to sell books quickly, try this method.
  4. Barrington & Noble
    Barrington & Noble
    Go to the website.
    Barnes & Noble, the biggest physical and online book seller in the USA, also buys used books and textbooks. Utilize their online ISBN finder to determine your books’ values before listing them for sale. Additionally, Barnes & Noble pays for your delivery and does it almost immediately. The least expensive book you should sell, though, should be $10.
  5. Sellbackyourbook.com
    Go to the website.
    Sellbackyourbook.com specializes on buying textbooks and other books, as their name would imply. When you enter information like the book’s ISBN number, you instantly receive quotes for the work. You can print and mail free shipping coupons if you agree to the pricing. After they receive your books, you are paid.
  6. Bookbyte.com
    Go to the website.
    Check Bookbyte.com to see if your textbook is included in their list of popular books. This is the case since in-demand books are more expensive. Anyhow, Bookbyte.com allows you to sell all different kinds of books. Within a week of receiving your books, they pay the shipping fees and send you the money. The best site to routinely sell a few books if you’re in business.
  7. TextbookX.com
    Go to the website.
    You are not selling to TextbookX.com directly. Instead, they provide you a website where you can sell your books. In other words, you can sign up for a free account and post the books for sale. The cost of the book, including delivery costs, is entirely up to you.

This website deducts a little commission from your earnings. Therefore, before selling your textbooks, carefully study their terms and conditions.

Word-of-mouth advertising

Spreading the word is yet another excellent strategy to sell textbooks and earn some cash. This entails informing your neighbors, close acquaintances, and family members that you have a few books to sell. You can also indicate the books you plan to sell along with their suggested retail prices.

Using word-of-mouth advertising, you can locate customers quickly. This occurs since many of the people we know have friends or family members who might need these textbooks or other books. They would rather spend less money buying from you when you are selling at a lower price than paying more to buy in a store or online.

As a result

Both lone sellers and those looking to turn their used book business into a side hustle can find great success in it. We must keep in mind, though, that textbooks might not be around for a while longer. Therefore, your chances of selling them and making some money increase the quicker you sell. In order to receive the best price, I would advise looking into all selling options.

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