The majority of bloggers are motivated by passion to share their knowledge, skills, and insider information on a subject. But enthusiasm by itself won’t cover the costs. You must connect every of your written content to a revenue stream if you want to make money blogging.

There are several ways to make money from a blog, but they all demand some initial time investment. You know how some bloggers claim to become wealthy overnight? It’s untrue. Before you can start blogging for money, you must first create a blog, attract readers, and maintain regular traffic. The good news is that you will be rewarded for your efforts if you are willing to put in the work.

But how do you write for money once your website has some visitors? We’ll go through how to monetize your blog in this piece, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned blogger searching for a new source of revenue.

How do bloggers earn a living?

The majority of bloggers begin by charging for services on their blogs. But as their readership grows, they start using strategies like affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and adverts to boost their blog’s revenue. The most successful bloggers use a variety of strategies to monetize their blogs.

10 Ways to Earn Money from Blogging

If you’re new to the practice of blogging for profit, you may be unsure of where to begin. Here are 10 well-liked techniques to monetize your blog.

Posts that are Sponsored

Blog posts that you write for brands or other individuals are called sponsored posts. Since they are sponsored advertisements written in an editorial format, they are essentially advertorials. Brands may contact you to write sponsored blog pieces, whether you write about the newest products for new mums or personal finance.

Having a price list on your website’s contact page will help you promote your sponsored content. However, you may decide to start by reaching out to local companies (and brands that other bloggers in your field have collaborated with) and asking them if they’d be interested in a sponsored post on your site. Make sure to state how many people read your site and how many people follow you.

Vanessa Cesario posts information on brand collaborations on the blog for The Brunette Salad. Check out this Diesel-sponsored post. Pictures of Cesario in Italy wearing Diesel clothes are posted on the photo blog along with links to the jeans.

Earning money through sponsored content and drop shipping

Including an online store on your website can completely affect your ability to monetize your blog. Products that fit the niche of your blog might be listed. Additionally, dropshipping allows you to start selling goods internationally without having to stock any inventory.

If you’re a fashion blogger, Oberlo has the newest products in both men’s and women’s fashion. Heck, Oberlo has things you can sell if you’re a blogger in any area, whether it’s beauty, home decor, maternity, kids, DIY, photography, or another one.

Dropshipping’s beauty resides in your capacity to sell goods without having to purchase large quantities of inventory, allowing you to just purchase what you have previously sold. Additionally, you may add hundreds of products (for free) to your already-built website.

Make Vancouver is a blog-enabled online shop. They combine dropshipped items with print on demand printing. To help market the products in their store, their blog features gift guides, product finds, and other posts of this nature.

How to blog for profit using drop shipping

Establish a T-shirt company

the wisest move. However, the t-shirt business model is a well-liked way to make money blogging if you like to produce your own goods rather than selling those of others.

While it may seem like the t-shirt industry is only focused on t-shirts, most t-shirt manufacturers have started to diversify their product offerings to enable print on demand. Leggings, outfits, bodysuits, hats, bags, phone cases, canvases, cushions, and the list goes on and on.

You can locate a variety of sellers who let you customize things with your own wording and designs by looking up print on demand businesses. Similar to the dropshipping approach, you only pay for the goods that your clients have ordered. You can actually start selling your own t-shirt the same day your design is finished.

The best dog blog out there might be Think Pup’s. They publish product lists for holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day, as well as humorous video content, and they feature articles that dog lovers would like. However, this blog is actually funded by a print-on-demand t-shirt company. They sell graphic t-shirts about various dog breeds and dogs in general in their shop.

How to use print on demand to monetize your blog

Affiliate Promotion

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways for bloggers to monetize their sites. Once you’ve been approved for an affiliate program, you can start making money whenever someone makes a purchase using your affiliate link.

Some bloggers decide to include affiliate links in their listicles. Consider the list of “10 Best Amazon Products for Your Wedding” with embedded Amazon affiliate links. Others decide to write articles containing links to a variety of rival affiliate programs, such as “10 Best Ecommerce Platforms,” so that readers feel like they have more options.

The main drawback to making money with affiliate marketing is that you just receive commissions and have no influence over prices. You’ll never make as much money as a blogger who also has the luxury of choosing their own rates and has an online store.

Popular blogger Abby uses affiliate marketing to monetize her site. Abby revealed her selection of the 20+ Books for Moms to Read in 2021 in a post she wrote last year. Every book she suggests links to Amazon, where she receives a commission for any purchases made by readers who use those links. To be open with her readers, she says that the content contains affiliate links.

Blog monetization through affiliate links

Independent Writing

Some people don’t see blogging as a way to generate passive revenue, so they instead concentrate on generating active income. These bloggers write blog entries for other businesses and business owners in exchange for payment of their time.

In order to attract new clients, a blogger may utilize their own blog as a portfolio. Your blog’s content in this situation might revolve around your area of expertise. In your menu, you may also include a portfolio that lists all the blog posts you’ve produced for different clients.

Both Sharon Hurley Hall’s blog and her freelance writing career are active. Her most recent freelance writing jobs are highlighted in one of her most recent blog posts. A list of clients is available, along with the articles they requested. Because others can easily access her portfolio thanks to this, she is able to take advantage of more chances. For prospective clients to determine whether they can afford to hire her as a writer, her website also has a section for services and fees.

Earn money blogging and contracting


Giving things away is another way to monetize your site. There are ways to monetize the audience, even though it might appear like you’d be spending money giving away a reward.

Some giveaways offer entry options that need visitors to a website in order to receive points. You can include an affiliate link on that page to generate a commission and pay for the reward. Promoting another brand’s giveaway and turning it into a sponsored giveaway is another option to earn a commission or money.

Sending runner-up prizes to everyone who didn’t win the giveaway is the ideal way for bloggers with an online store to make money from freebies. The award? a price cut on your goods. By doing this, you might encourage people to enter your offer without spending a lot of money.

Popular contest and giveaway blog Contest Canada promotes giveaways on their sites in order to earn affiliate commissions. To learn how to monetize your blog by holding freebies, visit their homepage. In addition, they get money via sponsored content and adverts.

How to get money through freebies on your blog

Brand Alliances

Additionally, you can earn money blogging by partnering with brands. Some may pay you outright or provide you with an affiliate connection. Others may help increase your exposure to a larger audience without receiving payment, which will increase your visibility and open up new chances for you.

When it comes to brand alliances, the initial effort will be made by you. So don’t be hesitant to network with local bloggers to see what opportunities you might also be able to take advantage of. Additionally, you can get in touch with brands directly to let them know that you have an audience already and are open to any opportunities they may have.

For a fall fashion collection, So Sasha, a lifestyle site, collaborated with Joe Fresh and Flare Magazine along with a number of other well-known women. Sasha the blogger served as the face of Joe Fresh’s “Fashion for All” campaign, which focused on diversity and inclusivity.

How to monetize your blog through brand partnerships

Do you want to discover how to make money as a blogger? Well, eBooks tend to be a popular method for many bloggers if you’re an authority on a subject.

You don’t have to start from zero while producing an eBook; there are plenty of topics you can choose from. You may always choose the most well-liked blog subjects and arrange them logically to save time. The majority of blog readers don’t have the time to read every post. Therefore, don’t be scared to use the content you’ve already prepared in a different way.

Check out the Frugal woods blog now. Many pieces of financial independence and budgeting advice can be found on the personal finance blog. But in order to monetize their site, they wrote a book titled “Meet the Frugal woods: Achieving Financial Independence Through Simple Living.” With over 507 reviews on Amazon, it is evident that the advertising from their blog post on the subject increased sales.

How to use eBooks to monetize your blog

Online Courses

By developing and marketing online courses, blogging is also a viable source of income. This could be an excellent alternative for you if you don’t like writing but prefer using content creation as a money-making approach.

Your website or an online learning marketplace like Udemy are the two options you have for selling your online course. You can reach potential new customers by hosting it on Udemy, but you are subject to its Terms of Service. To generate money if you hold your own event, though, you’ll either need to market your course vigorously or draw a significant crowd.

To gather the greatest information and reduce the weaknesses of rivals, you may also look at other paid or free courses in your niche. So make sure to check out reviews of other courses to assist you decide what kind of information students are actually looking for in a course.

Online courses are used by the Smart Passive Income blog to assist earn additional blog income. Seven courses are now available, with prices ranging from $0 to $999. They offer training programs in affiliate marketing, podcast production, and finding business ideas. Even while none of these courses specifically address the blog topic of passive income generation, they are all important to it.

How to monetize your blog using online courses

Success Story: Online Courses Helped Me Earn $5,000 Per Month

Content for Members

Some well-known bloggers concentrate on monetizing their blogs by content-gating. Why does that matter? You must pay to see their blog’s special content because some of it is exclusively accessible to members.

This is something that renowned newspaper brands or established bloggers with sizable followings frequently do. Although the rest of the article is blocked by an email membership opt-in form when it starts to become excellent and entice you to sign up, some of their blog entries may be accessible to read.

One blog that allows for exclusive membership is Olive Knits. Marie Greene, the site’s administrator, offers subscribers access to her blog’s online community as well as live webinars, in-depth instructions, advice, and twelve new patterns each year. With a membership costing US$24.95 per month, Marie can sustainably make money from her blog.

How to earn money from your blog by using premium content


You now understand how blogs generate income. You may still do a lot more, including selling services, putting advertisements to your website, booking speaking engagements through your blog, and much more.

You’ll increase your chances of making your blog a money maker whether you try one of these strategies alone or a mix of them. It’s time to use your passion for financial gain.

How to Earn Money From Your Blog in 2021

  • Provide sponsored content
  • Include a storefront in your blog.
  • Offer t-shirts with the theme of your blog.
  • Link to affiliate sites from your blog.
  • Produce blog entries for others.
  • host a contest for readers of your blog
  • Look for brand alliances
  • Make and market an ebook
  • Provide paid online training
  • Promote subscriptions to premium content

FAQs Regarding Earning Money Through Blogging

What kind of income can you expect from blogging?

It varies. You can make between US$1,000 and US$5,000 per month with the correct monetization strategy and respectable traffic. It’s not hard to reach US$20,000 or more in recurring monthly income if you run a popular site with millions of monthly visitors. Successful bloggers can earn more than $100,000 per month in the US.

How do new bloggers monetize their work?

The simplest approach to make money for individuals who are just starting out is to provide a service. For instance, if you blog about marketing, think about providing startups and small businesses with marketing consulting services (PS: This strategy may be used in any niche). You can add adverts, digital goods, and affiliate links to your site as you establish a reputation and your readership grows.

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