What is Imobile Pay App? What are the benefits of this?

Imobile Pay App

Through this article, we will tell you what is Imobile Pay App. I am going to tell you about this, so let us know. Today, people use UPI-based apps Google Pay, PhonePe, and Amazon Pay to send money.

But the problem with these apps is that if we have a Google Pay app, then to send money, others should also have a Google Pay app.

Similarly, to send money to someone by scanning the bar code, be it PhonePe or Amazon Pay, he should have the same app. Otherwise, the bar code will not be scanned.

For example, you will not be able to transfer money from Google Pay by scanning the bar code from the Amazon Pay app, but the Immobile Pay app is different from all these and is meant to make money transactions easier, so let us know about it.

What is Immobile Pay App?

The Immobile Pay app is an app launched by ICICI Bank. It is an app through which we can send money by scanning the barcode in the UPI app of any company.

If you are sending money to anyone and whatever app he uses, you can easily send money through this app by repeatedly scanning his code.

How to download the Imobile Pay App?

This app can be downloaded easily from the Google Play Store or the Google Pay Store by searching for it or clicking on the provided link.

How do you create an account in the Imobile Pay app?

You can create an account on the Imobile Pay app very easily. First, you have to download this app from your desired platform, like Google Play Store or from any other website. You can follow the steps given below for registration on this app.

Step 1 – Open the app and allow the requested permissions

Step 2 – Click on Let’s Get Started written on the screen

Step 3: Click on Do You Have a Referral Code or click on Continue.

Step 4 – Select the SIM with which you want to create an account and click on Continue

Step 5 – After this, you will have to enter 4 digit PIN to click on Continue

Step 6 – Enter 4 digit PIN, enter it again, and click on the Submit button

Step 7: This PIN is like a password and will be required to log in.

Step 7: This PIN is like a password and will be required to log in.

Step 8: After entering your 4-digit PIN, you will have to scan your fingerprint to log into the app.

Step 9: Then click on the Allow button and add your finger to the fingerprint screen. 

Now, you can open this app by just scanning your fingerprint.

Step 10: Now you have to set your UPI for which you have to click on You’re Almost Ready to Start in the app.

Step 11: Select your bank and click on Continue.

Step 12: UPI will be automatically verified with your registered mobile number through SMS, and your bank will be linked to this app.

Step 13: Now you can make payments through UPI through this app.

After following all these steps, your account will be created in Imobile Pay, and your bank will be linked to UPI so that you can send money through it like other UPI apps.

How to use the Immobile Pay app?

Now, you can use this app by adding a pin or by scanning your finger.

  1. Send Money – By clicking on this, you can send money to anyone.
  2. Collect Money – You can collect money by clicking on this
  3. Apart from this, you can deposit mobile, DTH, electricity bill, etc.
  4. You can send money by scanning the barcode by clicking on the middle button.


I hope you have understood what Imobile Pay App is and how to use it. Keep visiting the blog for information about new apps.

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