What You Should Do If Your Debit Card May Have Expired

What You Should Do If Your Debit Card May Have Expired

What You Should Do If Your Debit Card May Have Expired

Your Debit Card Expired Are you using your debit card to the utmost extent possible, yet do you have the nagging feeling that it will soon expire? Your worries will be allayed by this post, which will also explain what to do in that situation.

Why Is There an Expiration Date on Debit Cards?

Fraud prevention is one of the main causes of your debit card’s expiration date and requirement for renewal. You can use the expired card as identification when applying for a new debit card. Debit cards and their features need to be updated periodically as a result of technological improvements, and this renewal period enables the financial institution to give you a card that is more modern and safe.

How much time is left on a debit card before it expires?

Typically, debit cards are valid for 2 to 5 years after being issued. They have an expiration date, which is often the month and year, on them. Please take note that the card will be valid through the last day of the applicable month.

Can I still use my debit card online after it expires?

Experts from Suits Me, an alternative banking solution that offers an e-account with a mobile app and a contactless Mastercard debit card, said that you can still manage all your online banking activities after your card expires, providing all transactions don’t need to be attached to your card.

Can You Still Use an Expired Debit Card?

You cannot use the card for any online or ATM transactions after the expiration date has passed. Until you change your card and details, even automated payments linked to your cards will be halted.

What Happens When My Debit Card Expires? How Can I Get a New Card?

A few weeks before your current card expires, your bank or financial institution will often mail you a replacement card. But if your current debit card expires before you get the new one, contact or go to your bank and ask for a replacement.

Will the old and new debit card numbers be different?

Your debit card’s 16-digit number will remain the same but the CCV (Card Verification Value) number will change.

To be safe, if your card is lost or stolen, report it to your bank, and you will be issued a new card with a different 16-digit number.

Will the pin on my new debit card remain the same?

Yes. Unless you decide to alter your pin for any reason—such as a lost card, identity theft, or a personal preference—your new pin remains unchanged.


When your card enters its expiry month, be aware of it to prevent being left without a card. A lot of banks will ship new debit cards weeks or months before the current one expires, so be on the lookout for one in the mail.

Your bank should be notified right away if your card is lost or stolen so that it can be disabled and your funds secured.

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